Welcome to SAY KIDS

SAY Kids:

A new brand of fashion,
sold for zero profit.

For millennial parents who care about style
but don't want to compromise quality or ethics.

SAY carries our modern take on all the basics you need for the small humans in your life – bodysuits, tees, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets, dresses, socks, and more.

Whenever possible, pieces are made of GOTS-certified Organic Australian cotton. And absolutely everything is made in factories that we’ve audited for safe working conditions and livable wages.

So many of the boutique brands we know and love are from the other side of the world. But they come with long delivery times, international shipping costs, and customs fees, or they are found at domestic retailers with high markups.

We offer these modern styles at-cost, provide free shipping, and they will be easily accessible through our online shop. (Currently, we will only be servicing the US, but with enough demand we could come to you.)

But the part of SAY that we are most thrilled to produce is our monthly collaboration collections. Every month, we introduce a new theme, new colors, new styles, and a new collaboration with both emerging and established creatives from all over the world. Exciting, right?

Made of GOTS-certified Organic Australian cotton

How we do it

We believe every parent wants to give their child the best. It's our job to make that possible, by making the best both accessible and affordable for you.

In recent news, the media has highlighted that brands and retailers are taking advantage of parents who want the best – getting away with high margins while often delivering little value. For us, quality and ethics are non-negotiable.

Clothes that fall apart or fade after a single wash are simply unacceptable. And none of us want our children wearing clothes that harm the environment, are laced with pesticides, or are sewn by the hands of another child.

To stand by this commitment means SAY won't ever be the cheapest option out there (and really, cheap things are exactly that, cheap), but it will still be incredibly affordable, and always provide the best value.

While building SAY, it was clear the only way to deliver on this quality while keeping prices low was to reduce our profit margins. So that's what we did, and kept doing . . . until they were completely gone.

When you order pieces from SAY, you’re only being charged for what it costs for us to exist and fulfill your orders, and not a penny more. Said another way, we’re committed to not making any profit off of the items we sell.

For the price of a cup of coffee

Obviously businesses do need to make something to stay alive and keep growing. We do this by charging you only $5 / mo for your membership (and only after you make, and love, your first purchase from us).

For the price of a cup of coffee, that $5 gets you access to everything - our at-cost basics and monthly collections, plus every other perk and benefit we will add in the future. And a full year pays itself off from the savings you get on just a few items.

We need you

For us to be able to keep going and realize our vision, we need as many like-minded parents on board as possible. The bigger this scales, the lower the prices, the bigger the offering, and the better it is for everybody involved.

Our mission:

  •  Change the perception of quality and affordability.
  •  Bring culture, art, and modern style into every home.
  •  Be a socially compassionate brand.
  •  Surprise and bring smiles to parents.
  •  Make everyday awesome.

For us to exist, we need all of you. Do you believe your child and every child out there deserves the best? Then join the others on our waitlist now.